Behind The Seams


Introducing WiseGuise.

From the beginning Tyler and Steve, cousins and co-founders of WiseGuise, knew that their product had to be more than innovative. It had to help protect people and their communities. In addition to social distancing and hand washing, wearing a face mask is one of the most effective ways to help prevent community spread. However, traditional masks don’t always make it easy.

The most common issues people find with traditional masks are comfortability, gaps around the face, foggy glasses, and not to mention, forgetting the mask altogether. WiseGuise is designed to alleviate all of these concerns so that people want to wear their mask, never forget their mask, and most importantly, protect themselves and one another. WiseGuise has created a unique new way for people to safeguard themselves and their loved ones with a high-quality reusable mask that's stylish, accessible, affordable, and always there when you need it.

Tyler and Steve, two cousins making face masks in Los Angeles.

In March of this year Steve’s friend, an ER doctor, told him they were running out of masks at a local hospital. Unfortunately, this problem became incredibly widespread as hundreds of hospitals experienced the same crippling mask shortage. It was then that nearly every American with a sewing machine joined the effort and began making masks for hospitals in need. Steve, having worked as a costume designer, was no exception. He got to work making homemade masks for medical professionals.

While Steve was busy sewing masks, Tyler found himself regularly frustrated with his own. Despite trying several different types, he found that all of them were easy to lose, uncomfortable, and inconvenient to store when not being worn. It was then that Tyler had an idea: to create a well-fitting, high-quality mask that would always be with you as a bracelet, neckband, and headband. In essence, a mask that is unforgettable.

With only a stapler, a roll of tape, and a few pieces of printer paper, Tyler constructed the first WiseGuise prototype. Excited about his new idea, Tyler called his mask-making cousin Steve — and together WiseGuise was born.

A community conscious company.

WiseGuise is revolutionizing the way we wear, think about, and store our most necessary accessory. From the beginning, Tyler and Steve’s primary goal was to help people protect themselves and each other. With the creation of WiseGuise, they also want to help support and provide employment opportunities for their friends and neighbors whose livelihoods were disrupted by the global financial downturn. To date, WiseGuise has proudly created business opportunities for hundreds of garment workers in Los Angeles, in addition to 27 businesses and 14 creatives.